Uni-Control has been working on sustainable, renewable energy project developments within hydrogen production, with the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) ( in the USA, and was recognized and short listed between thousands with a game changing hydrogen production technology back in 2009, from synthesis gas from waste gasification

In 2010 we where invited by the Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPA) ( in Washington  DC, to show case our technology to government agencies, private sector funding sources, and industry. 

Due to our 5 year development program, from laboratory to full scale plant, combined with a high development cost, funding was very difficult to achieve.

Despite the ARPA agency's support labeling our approach as game changing and disrupting the status quo, the agency had limited resources and could not fund all shortlisted companies. 

We visited and talked to, at the time the biggest private companies in the field, such as Siemens, ABB, GE, among others. We spoke to the largest venture capital folks in the world, plus a hoard of angel investors. We spoke to government agencies you name it. 

We filed 8 provisional patents and converted them to PCT (Patent Country Treaty) filings which is the last step before final patent filing. 

In 2011 the filings expired and we had no funding in place. 

As Thomas Edison said "I am not a failure, I just found 10000 ways that does not work" so as we say "The road to success is constructed by trials, errors and failures.  

Beaten but not giving up, we set out to form a new funding approach. 

We set out to generate funding via our Natural Resources Development Program allowing us to work and develop iron ore mining assets, getting involved in the commercialization of minerals and development work of the mining assets in the Americas. For more information please visit our web site

We additionally decided to sell commodities in form of minerals and energy and not technology. Why? Because companies and investors are notoriously risk adverse. We know the technology and can test them to make them ready for our own BOO/IPP waste to energy plants, generate profit for our own benefit, and reduce the risk over time. We can then in the future marked technology license to the notoriously risk adverse investors and industry, once all risk has been removed. 

As a result we decided to focus on natural resources and iron ore for the steel industry, as the steel makers use coal and iron ore. This allow us to assist the iron ore and coal miners getting to marked. 

We can additionally install our BOO/IPP unit energy plant within the energy hungry mining industry often located in very remote areas. We can generate funding from mining and selling minerals and at the same time provide environmentally responsible solutions for the mining industry. This allows us to add value for the miners getting them to market. 

Apart from the above the founder of Uni-Control has been in the environmental projects sector for 20 years, focusing on ultra pure water, water and waste water treatment, recycling of waste water, solid waste management, and other complex environmental projects. 

In 2007 he ventured into the energy business to use technologies from the water treatment world to produce renewable energy. 

We welcome constructive feedback from anyone with a positive outlook for the development of sustainable projects. 

Whether you belief in global warming or not, we can all agree that the present population growth worldwide adding 1 billion people every 15 to 16 years will demand urgent action to focus on sustainable projects if we are to maintain balance. 

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